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Welcome to kanalgratisdotse - the largest angling devoted channel in Scandinavia!
Kanalgratis.se is a SEnewss-channel all about fishing. Pike fishing, fly fishing, sea fishing, carp fishing - you name it. We are just as passionate about fishing as we are about filming and our goal is to give you the best fishing films on SEnewss.
We have more than 200 films and all of them are 100% free to watch.
Unique underwater footage of pikes attacking lures, big fish hitting the lures in the surface captured in 200fps super slow motion as well as educating fly tying films and how-to-videos.
New films every Thursday at 20:00 CET! Subscribe and stay tuned for more free high quality fishing films online!


9:04WHAT'S IN MY PIKE BAG? - Tobias Ekvall
WHAT'S IN MY PIKE BAG? - Tobias Ekvallvisningar 36tnMånad sedan
8:04WHAT'S IN MY PERCH BAG? - Tobias Ekvall
WHAT'S IN MY PERCH BAG? - Tobias Ekvallvisningar 46tnMånad sedan
16:55QUITTING YOUTUBE - Philip Explains Why
QUITTING YOUTUBE - Philip Explains Whyvisningar 76tn2 månader sedan
25:16SWEDEN VS GERMANY Fishing Battle (ft. Hecht&Barsch)
16:07TOP 4 Baits for Post-Spawn Pike Fishing
TOP 4 Baits for Post-Spawn Pike Fishingvisningar 32tn4 månader sedan
10:07How Many 10+ kg Pike from 5 days in Siberia?
How Many 10+ kg Pike from 5 days in Siberia?visningar 56tn5 månader sedan
13:47Trying out MY FIRST COLOUR DESIGN (For Big Perch)
15:48Spring Time Pike Fishing (Trying out new colours)
16:15Does SIZE matter?😉 (Zander Fishing Experiment)
12:43Big Pike in Small River Hunting Ide | Team Galant
15:12Will Russian Pike eat CARROT?!🥕
Will Russian Pike eat CARROT?!🥕visningar 35tn7 månader sedan


  • what is the song 19:00

  • Karlskrona ( Lyckebyån )

  • Helt bäng

  • Hey mate. Can you send lures to POLAND?????

  • So cool Always Wanted zu catch a grayling here in germany But they are sooo Rare where i live

  • Hamster looking fuck

  • Jerkbait

  • H

  • 7,6kg

  • yuk not watching this,R>I>P Beautifull Pike

  • Nice videos🤙🏻

  • Yes the big fish

  • I got the Abu Garcia beast bundle last week went fishing 2 times since and on my first session I got a 15lb and a couple little low doubles and the next session which was yesterday I got like 3 low doubles on the twin tail

  • Wow a fishing show where they eat fish... You should make more these catch and take videos, I think that people have forgotten that you can eat your catch and not always buy burgers and korv.

  • Hur mår abborrarna efter dom har svalt en jigg i den sizen? Jag vill även se en video när du knyter dropshotrigg💪🏼

  • very nice!!!

  • big mums 🤘👍

  • Can you explain your Pike Fly Setup?

  • thats a nice fish!

  • That's perfect video for me in this sseason. Thank you for sharing experiences

  • Er ikke lov å ded fiske

  • Personligt bästa är en regnbågslax på 4,9 kg i en put and take sjö i örebro kommun. Jag är 18 år och skulle vilja fiska aborre med er!

  • I lived in Lund for a year after I finished high school in the US, attended Katedralskolan and traveled all over beautiful Sverige, but never fished?! And I love to fish. Big regret of mine seeing those monster pike you guys catch

  • Perfect.💪👍🔥🔥🔥 Welcome to my channel. Streetfishing in Saint-Petersburg,Russia!

  • Is this summer 2019 or 2020?

  • i have a 50 cm lure

  • Du bestemer inte hur man trer magot

  • SEnewss porn. Terrible. Fish cruelty by Nerd boy and Bitch girl. Terrible clip.

  • 15:58 "Oj det var en fin röv"

  • Please Finnish subtitles🇫🇮

  • 20 arter

  • a good bag is: Westin W6 Boat Lure Bag

  • Jag bor jätte nära ett stenbrott och har fiskat där men aldrig fått nått.

  • Prata svenska

  • Malmö kanal!!!!

  • kan ni prata svenska

  • If you want a name for your color then maybe bloodflake Woold be good?

  • Can bet all Brits watching this have full pants of poo and eyes of tears seeing that pike eaten :)

  • Mört

  • varför detta engelskasnack och ändå lägga in engelska subtitles? bara irriterande att höra, vilket tyvärr gör att jag hoppar alla dessa videos med Pontus och William medan grabbarna från Galant gör det mycket roligare att se.


  • Maybe next time include the kill as well? For people starting to do catch and keep it's probably the most important thing to do learn.

  • Fattig jävla engelska alltså😂

  • Kozak ja chce do was 😁😁

  • Very nice and informative, but I think I have a bit of anxiety about sufficiently tapering the ends of my flashabou now!

  • that was really big graylings my father here insweden catched 2 big graylings one was 79 cm or 89 and around 3 or 3 and half kg the smaller one he cacted was around 2 kg or more or less was 58 cm. he used metspö whit 50 diemetr line he used worm as bait the rod broke for the big fish and he was lucky he made knott near the bottom of the pole fising rod so he wailled them in. the ones you catch in this vidio was nise ones as well. me my self i only catch a grayling att not big aound less than 1 kg mine was only 6 heckto but my father was really lucky catced 2 big ones in small stream! only around 3 metter wide the strem!

  • Snälla prata bah svenska

  • I’m in Ireland 🇮🇪 that’s all I have to say

  • I Lost my first ever lure

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  • Thanks from Estonia! I like your chanell!!! With love...

  • 15:06 "This does not look pretty." SARA always looks pretty. Also, it looks like she added shrimp to her dish.

    • @Captain Morgan Where are you getting your freshwater fish and how are you preparing it? I find walleye, crappie, bluegill, pike, and even bass to be delicious. Sorry your experience has been different.

    • Not surprise she added shrimp, most freshwater fish taste like boiled newspaper.

  • Ty melepeto

  • If you are going to do a "Catch and Cook", give some time for the actual COOK. The recipe looks great, but you certainly glossed over making it and enjoying the end result. Show the cleaning of the fish (which fillet method for the pike to get rid of the "Y" bones, please), show the ingredients and measurements (or put them in the description), and allow the people to comment on how good the food is. The audience wants to enjoy the cook as much as the catch portion. Neglecting one does not improve the other.

  • This does not lok pretty (bild på Sara) 😂 Mille för fan!! 😂😂 PS: gillar verkligen det ni gör, fortsätt!!!

  • Hahaha alltså jag blir gråhårig av hennes engelska uttal 😂 nej då, men grym video 👍

  • Finally in English 😍

  • Stockton-On-Tees England-Great videos,keep em coming.. >_

  • Wouldn't like to drop that tackle box over the side of the float tube, that would be an expensive accident lol.

  • Vill ni komma ner till halland och fiska gädda, abborre, brax, mört och bäcköring

  • That meal looked so delicious!!! Greetings and Petri

  • Rasmus sa exakt

  • Kan ni göra svenska filmer

    • Alltså det är ju svenska filmer, med engelskt uttal. Svensktalande videos kanske du menar?

  • Ni passar jättebra tillsammans<3

  • Cant you just talk swedish i really feel cringed for you'r english not hating.

  • Kan vi få en svensk fiskvideo

    • Det här är en svensk fiskevideo, med engelskt tal. Vad skulle vara skillnaden?

  • Greetings from the Netherlands!

    • @Harrison Junior yeh I’ve heard all about that

    • Charlie Foster-Barr don’t listen to him, its fake

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    • Hello greetings, so sorry to bother you are you familiar with Bitcoin investment and Forex trading?

  • Such a great watch 👌🤙🚀

  • Отличное видео! Отличное настроение и хариусы, просто красавцы!

  • You are the best

  • Ey äntligen va ni i min stad

  • From Russia with love)

  • Great video. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jobbar alla på kanalgratis som standard jobb eller är det bara en sidebuisness

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  • I love yours video. Greetings from Warsaw

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